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Learn what makes VOLT the industry's most advanced automatic press:


Servo motors deliver smoother, more repeatable motion than pneumatics. The power of those servos, combined with our heavy-duty steel construction, means consistently high quality prints and rock-solid registration at even the highest production speeds and volumes.


Compressed air systems can be as much as 85%-90% inefficient. So for every dollar you pay to run your compressor, you may only be getting back 10¢ - 15¢ of real work. The VOLT eliminates the need for compressed air – and its inherent inefficiency – completely.


By eliminating costly compressed air, the VOLT can reduce your energy bill compared to air presses. And with zero pneumatic parts to worry about, the VOLT requires significantly less maintenance and downtime. That means reduced operating costs and increased profits.

Zero Air Required
Speed, reliability, and ease of use are the trademarks of the VOLT

Better printing through All-Electric Technology

Take a closer look at how the VOLT can give your shop an edge


All VOLT presses are equipped with a servo indexer for rotating the pallets from station to station smoothly and quietly, even at the highest speeds. Unlike a pneumatic indexer, servo motors provide pinpoint control of acceleration and deceleration, eliminating vibration and improving the consistency of your prints.

Index clockwise or counter-clockwise, full or half index, and take advantage of handy Step Back Mode to print-flash-print and more!

  • Clockwise, counter-clockwise, full and half indexing
  • Step Back Mode for print-flash-print
  • Pallet position precise to +/- 001”


All VOLTs feature servo pallet lift and lower. Instead of relying on pneumatic components to raise and lower the pallets, a powerful and reliable servo motor delivers extreme smoothness and precision.

A major benefit of servo lift and lower is digital off-contact adjustment. On an automatic press with pneumatic lift, you would have to go under the machine and adjust the off-contact distance by hand. With servo lift, you can make exact off-contact adjustments with the touch of a button, right from the press’s touchscreen.

  • Digital central off-contact adjustment right from the press’s touchscreen
  • 0-3/8” off-contact range in 0.01” increments

The best PRINT HEADS on the market

VOLT contains zero pneumatic components and in their place are ultra-reliable AC-electric and servo motors you can count on for decades of dependable service.
The VOLT gives you the choice of:

Standard VOLT presses come with AC-electric print heads. That means zero air cylinders, valves and tubing – parts you may be all too familiar with replacing if you own an air press. No need to worry about uneven, unsteady air pressure affecting your print quality or registration; screen clamping, squeegee and flood bar locking, depth and angle adjustments are all done mechanically. Add optional individual head controls to make job setups even quicker and easier.


Expand your capabilities even further with optional servo-driven print heads. VOLTs equipped with servo heads feature touchscreen controls on each head for fast job setups and test printing. Adjust your squeegee pressure and print stroke length digitally with the touch of a button – even set different pressures for each stroke when printing multiple strokes! And best of all, you can save and recall all print head settings, allowing you to set up repeat and regular orders in no time.

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